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Talita 28th Dec 2019
Hi Shelly, this activity idea was submitted by a member and a photo was not supplied unfortunately.

I think you would supply residents with a sheet of paper with a 'blank' musical staff on it as in the first half of this picture.

Residents would then draw some notes onto the staff while listening to Mozart so that it looks like a piece of music (bottom of picture).

Then dab different colored paint onto each note and use water to color wash the page and spread some light color around. Hope that helps!

Shelly 25th Dec 2019 CLC
I don't understand the activity.
Susan 25th Dec 2019 Activity Director
Instead of doing the suggested the activity you can just have the residents paint what they want to music
This can be fun and can be done with any kind of music
Susan 28th Dec 2019 Activity Director
You can also use the sip and paint ideas
Mercedes 24th Sep 2018 Activities Coordinator
I love this site. Golden Carers provides a wonderful variety of activities ideas which can be used used throughout the year. I love the fact that you can put your spin on some of these activities as well. Thank you so much Golden Carers.
Talita 30th Sep 2018
Thank you so much for your feedback Mercedes, we appreciate it so much!!
Talita 31st Jan 2017
This sounds like a wonderful activity, thanks for sharing! If you have a picture you can send in that would be great too.