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Tricia 13th Aug 2018 Occupational Therapy Assistant
What a fun thing to colour! You can always pitch in, just make sure to use different colors for the triangles, and dots. Then, cutting apart and hanging with a bit of string - well, any air blowing in will twirl the Snake creating a true mobile. Looking good in Resident's room!
Louise 2nd Aug 2018 Support Worker
Just new to the site. Hoping my clients get to enjoy some of the craft ideas
Talita 5th Aug 2018
I hope they do too Louise! Let us know how you go!
Michele 26th May 2016 support worker
Thats great Thank you
Karen 22nd Jan 2013
brilliant. helps with the co-ordination skills as well as sensry when hung up in their room as a mobile.
talita 18th Jan 2013
Thanks Linda!