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Tricia 23rd Apr 2019 Occupational Therapy Assistant

3 Ways to Practise Mindfulness with the Elderly

I am a deep believer in the power of deep breathing practices, having been thoroughly trained in this and in Kundalini Yoga. Most people 'shallow' breathe when stressed or when inactive. Oxygen is needed by all bodily systems and if we aren't getting it, we suffer. Deep breathing also relaxes and I have given deep breathing exercises to someone who definitely benefits from this - in fact the first time I got her to do a simple breathing practice, she fell asleep afterwards! A witness was stunned. Not me, I replied, it is the power of deep breathing. Perhaps I will post this technique later. I am glad to see Yoga and breathing exercises like this post. It does bring power back to the people. Thank you.
Tricia 11th Feb 2019 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Finish the Proverbs #4

I started this Proverbs and Parables and a Quiz yesterday. This is age-old wisdom that transcends time. If you get them to guess the endings and then ask them what it all means, you can come up with an unusual, thought-provoking discussion, much like a university lecture. It gets Residents/ Clients involved with what you are doing, and by including them in the discussion, they feel happier. (hopefully)
Tricia 13th Aug 2018 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Craft Snake

What a fun thing to colour! You can always pitch in, just make sure to use different colors for the triangles, and dots. Then, cutting apart and hanging with a bit of string - well, any air blowing in will twirl the Snake creating a true mobile. Looking good in Resident's room!
Tricia 13th Feb 2018 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Charades Game for the Elderly

Charades is one of the most fun activities - family played it this past Christmas. It is incredibly challenging to do everything with sign language and not speak while you are doing this. Good on you for posting a version of the game (for free) so that we can use this with our Residents. I will definately be giving this a go.... it is alot of laughs!!
Tricia 16th Jan 2018 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Sundownder Music

No! We have an older IPad though. Something to plan and collect funding for, maybe with Raffles and Donations, perhaps. Best of Luck.
Tricia 20th Dec 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Kindness Advent Calendar

Great idea. I would like to print off a Kindness Calendar for every month of the year, starting with January!!! Just to remind people, to prioritise, to place value on sharing Kindness and spreading Kindness. Need I say more!!
Tricia 6th Dec 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant

This Day in History for Seniors: January

You know - I think I would love to see this EVERY month .... if you are willing to do the Research!! I know that is alot of work. But, it brings back memories for the elderly of important people they will have heard of, and the associated memories of that person, whether it is a movie, an event in their life, or simply familiarity.
It is also a great distraction when people need one ..... and good to have on hand. Thanks in advance...
Tricia 6th Dec 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Sundownder Music

It is helpful, if you have an iPad, to take it round to individual Residents and play their favourites. If you don't know what these are, try: Somewhere over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, anything by Abba, ot The Beatles. Oh, and one more for White Sun or by John Lennon, try Imagine.
In Dementia when I play these, and everybody listens!!!!!!
Tricia 7th Nov 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Sundownder Music

We are also doing the Tune Into Life Music project. As I was choosing music for individual playlists, I was amazed at how many people chose The Beatles. Well! That night I played some Beatles favourites in the Dementia House. You could have heard a pin drop! Residents from ALL different backgrounds were listening and REMEMBERING their own times through the Beatles! One was smiling! Other staff walked in and were amazed at how quiet it was at 5:45 pm!!! Success through music!
Tricia 12th Sep 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Double O Word Game

I could have alot of fun with the Boo game; thanks.