Between 5pm and 6 pm in the Dementia-Specific House, Residents are agitated and restless.  To help calm them down, I pull out an iPad and go to Youtube.
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Between 5 and 6 pm in the Dementia-Specific House, residents are agitated and restless. To help calm them down, I pull out an iPad and open Youtube.

Music Selection:

Include a variety of music genres. Ask their families what music they enjoy. Curate a playlist in advance with music from their era, home country, and alternative or calming music. You can use the search feature to find songs, e.g. "Peace and Calming Music".

Consider incorporating nature sounds like birdsong or ocean waves for additional relaxation.

Visual Enhancement:

I find that Residents enjoy watching the screen as much as hearing the musical sounds.  Using an iPad allows you to take the music around to several people at different tables.

Calming Effects:

I have seen people calm right down from a state of agitation. Some go to sleep or go to their rooms and put themselves to bed. Some request favorite songs on repeat, while others find solace in silence.

If you have also faced challenges calming residents with dementia before bedtime, when they are tired, grumpy, and agitated, try Music!

My Favorite:

My favorite is a little different, it is a 2016 Grammy Award winner for Alternative Music: White Sun II. It is music used for Kundalini Yoga in a sacred language, Gurmukhi. The songs are lovingly sung, peaceful, calming, and soothing and the singer is beautiful to watch.


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Denise 30th Oct 2020
Pan pipes music is very peaceful and relaxing.
Megan 21st Jun 2018 Therapy Assistant
does anyone have any other specific links you like to use on You tube? We run a wellness group- once we've applied massage and heatpacks we like to let the residents choose what they would like to watch on the smart tv. Whether it is a travel documentary or musician.
Tricia 6th Dec 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant
It is helpful, if you have an iPad, to take it round to individual Residents and play their favourites. If you don't know what these are, try: Somewhere over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, anything by Abba, ot The Beatles. Oh, and one more for White Sun or by John Lennon, try Imagine.
In Dementia when I play these, and everybody listens!!!!!!
Tricia 7th Nov 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant
We are also doing the Tune Into Life Music project. As I was choosing music for individual playlists, I was amazed at how many people chose The Beatles. Well! That night I played some Beatles favourites in the Dementia House. You could have heard a pin drop! Residents from ALL different backgrounds were listening and REMEMBERING their own times through the Beatles! One was smiling! Other staff walked in and were amazed at how quiet it was at 5:45 pm!!! Success through music!
Talita 13th Nov 2017
What an amazing outcome! Thanks for your feedback Tricia.
Geraldine M 6th Oct 2017 Lifestyle therapist
Fantastic just hooked up with Spotify. Thank you for sharing your talents and skills. Bless all Activity Lifestyle co ordinators. Geraldine Melican
Talita 13th Nov 2017
Spotify is fabulous! I'm sure you will love it. Thanks Geraldine.
Marjorie 20th Aug 2017 Activities Assistant
I have found this very useful! I have also found songs for specific religions and the lyrics so we could sing them together.

Talita 13th Nov 2017
Great idea Marjorie!
Cathy 14th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
You Tube! Ipads! You must have amazing budgets! :)
I have DVD's from the Readers Digest and ABC of scenery and music for relaxation.
Sarah 22nd Aug 2017 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
YouTube can be accessed from your phone or iPad and is free. I use Spotify which is my account and I pay for it but it's not a problem as I use it extensively at home too. My budget is really tight but I just use as much free music as I can.
Tricia 16th Jan 2018 Occupational Therapy Assistant
No! We have an older IPad though. Something to plan and collect funding for, maybe with Raffles and Donations, perhaps. Best of Luck.
Tanis 8th Aug 2017 Recreation Therapy
Thank you for sharing this idea, I will definitely try the music idea.
Talita 4th Aug 2017
This is a wonderful activity idea Tricia, thank you for sharing.
Tricia 8th Aug 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant
Slower music can be very calming to the soul .... and is suitable for the ending of anyone's day.
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