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Geraldine M 6th Oct 2017
Fantastic just hooked up with Spotify. Thank you for sharing your talents and skills. Bless all Activity Lifestyle co ordinators. Geraldine Melican
Marjorie 20th Aug 2017
I have found this very useful! I have also found songs for specific religions and the lyrics so we could sing them together.

Cathy 14th Aug 2017
You Tube! Ipads! You must have amazing budgets! :)
I have DVD's from the Readers Digest and ABC of scenery and music for relaxation.
Sarah 22nd Aug 2017
YouTube can be accessed from your phone or iPad and is free. I use Spotify which is my account and I pay for it but it's not a problem as I use it extensively at home too. My budget is really tight but I just use as much free music as I can.
Tanis 8th Aug 2017
Thank you for sharing this idea, I will definitely try the music idea.
Talita 4th Aug 2017
This is a wonderful activity idea Tricia, thank you for sharing.
Tricia 8th Aug 2017
Slower music can be very calming to the soul .... and is suitable for the ending of anyone's day.
Tricia 1st Aug 2017
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Sundownder Music