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Sue 28th Jul 2018 Therapy Assistant
Oh, wow, I tried Nursery Rhymes last night. I was careful to choose an adult singing, not a squeaky child (all due respect) and I was blown away by the calming effect late at night in the dementia house. The nurse and I were also getting right into the tunes, quietly singing as well. It was as effective as hymns have been in the past. I used Apple Music streaming "40 Favourite Nursery Rhymes - The Best Children's Songs Ever!" Very similar to Patsy Bisco style, Heather.
Talita 29th Jul 2018
This is so wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for your feedback Sue. x
Joanne 29th May 2014 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I have also done this with pictures that I have printed from the computer and laminated. This idea is good for small groups and you can lead into reminiscing about other nursery rhymes from this. This is also a good game with any residents...especially those without dementia as you can read the reasons behind the rhymes to them and see if they agree with it.
Solange 24th May 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Carol, thank you for your feedback. Spotify is in fact very good to play this game because it allows you to pause at any time. Best wishes.
carol 22nd May 2014 Care Home
if you have access to spotify its on threre its very good