Hang hearts from ceiling with strings or attach to walls and glass windows with blue tack. If you want to make garlands use the small heart template.

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Michele 11th Dec 2019 Activities
It's a great idea and looks great when it's done, however, after a couple weeks or so the insides start to fall down between the sheets of contact paper. Any way to resolve this?
Solange 11th Dec 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Michele, one way to preserve sun-catchers to laminate them.
Chantelle 3rd May 2016 Lifestyle Assistant
Thank you so much for the amazing idea me and the residents made this today prior to mothers day we also added three hanging strings with beads and feathers looked amazing and they had a great time.
Mike 7th Apr 2016 Manager
Hi, thankyou so much, this looks like a lot of fun for all...
Michelle 5th Apr 2016 Activities Coordinator
Love this! Not mothers day in the UK but we all need love every day of the year!
Layla 5th Apr 2016 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator
Love the idea!
Tranquillity 5th Apr 2016 Activity Co-Ordinator
i think these are lovely am going to do these for mothers day :-)