Stringing beads  is a simple and  affordable activity for seniors that produces beautiful and satisfying results. This activity can be adapted to suit people living with dementia.

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Karen H. 8th Aug 2014 Student
Wonderful idea! Adrienne, I am not sure if this would work with elastic but I use a bit of PVA glue on the end of crochet cotton and roll it between my fingers then let it dry. It forms a slightly hardened bit at the end and is easier to thread through a hole. I know it is a bit of work to do before hand but it may just work on the hat elastic? Hope it does.....
Sadhna 2nd Aug 2014 recreation therapist
Every Monday morning we have a volunteer to comes and she shows how to make Jewellery we let them choose colours, shapes, beads and make bracelets, necklaces and the residents do have a great time!.
Adrienne 2nd Jul 2014
Making stretch bangles using hat elastic works well also, although it can sometimes be difficult to thread the beads unless they have large holes.
Our residents love them for holding their hankies. If made well these last a long time.
If anyone has an easy way for threading the elastic please let me know as I usually do the threading but have the resident hand me the beads.
I will try your necklaces next. Thanks for the great ideas.
CHRISTINE ELDER 7th Jan 2009 Diversional Therapist
thank you for your you have a sample of residents daily participation sheets with sample codes?