Vases are always in short supply at many facilities. This activity provides your clients with a lovely useful vase made from relatively inexpensive items.

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Susan 24th Jun 2014 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator
What a lovely craft activity. I've got lots of decorative stickers so I'm going to let my residents use those to decorate their jars.
rosie 15th Jun 2014 lifestyle assistant
I found set of 4 glass jars at Office Works yesterday for $2.50 . I have had the idea to do glass painting with my residents for ages but the jars were the set back . I have the MSDS for the paints and now the jars so with your ideas on decorating jars and my glass paints I think this is going to be a fun activity for next month special class in glass. :)
patricia 11th Jun 2014 Recreational Activity Officer
This is a lovely, we are always short of vases.