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Susan 5th Feb 2019 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

Lucky Dog Card Game

This is called Hoy, or we just call it Card Bingo. A great game for those who cannot manage a 'proper' game of bingo.
Susan 31st Dec 2016 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

15 Uplifting Activities for Limited Mobility

I go to a nursing home and all residents are in bed. It is very difficult to think of things to do with them, so thankyou for this x
Susan 28th Aug 2016 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

What's In the Bag

This game has been a favourite of ours for many years. Items we put in our bag as well as those you have suggested are, a cuddly toy, nail brush, paint brush, comb, can opener, phone, tv remote control, wrist watch, plastic wine glass and a toilet roll.
Susan 6th Jul 2016 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

How to host an Olympic Games Theme Day

Thankyou for all these wonderful ideas. August is going to be a great month for activities.
Susan 29th May 2016 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

Paper Planes Reminiscing Game

Thanks for reminding me of this. I have 3 gents in a nursing home that I hope will join in when we try this.x
Susan 29th Dec 2015 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

Professions that are Vanishing

In the UK some of these are still going. We still have the milkman, switchboard operator, seamstress, chimney sweep, radio actors, footman and governess. The last 2 mainly working with royalty or very high class families.
Very interesting subject though that will be great to do with my residents.
Susan 8th Dec 2015 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

How to Plan a Movie Screening for Seniors

A film that we found very funny was this one.

Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War is a British comedy-drama film from 2002, directed by Ian Sharp and starring Pauline Collins, John Alderton and Peter Capaldi. It is based on a 1993 novel with the same name by Vernon Coleman.

It is the story about a woman, Thelma Caldicot, who is coerced by her manipulative son Derek and daughter-in-law to move into a run-down nursing home, owned by Derek's employer, after the death of her bullying husband. Derek also gets her to sign over her house to him. However, she doesn't like it at the nursing home and shows her frustration. After having been medicated by the staff to stay calm, she finally incites her fellow inmates to revolt.
Susan 7th Oct 2015 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

10 Daily Living Activities for Dementia Care

Sally, put up a washing line in a quiet space and supply a basket of clothes pegs and clothes for her to hang up/take down as required.
Susan 21st Jul 2015 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

Pub Songs for Happy Hour

Thankyou for a fabulous idea. I think my residents will enjoy this one!
Susan 24th Dec 2014 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator

Recycled Book Pages Christmas Wreath

We made one of these last year and lots of people didn't realise we'd actually made it ourselves.