The Farmer's Cat Word Game

The Farmer's Cat Word Game

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The object of the game is to describe the cat and give it a name by going through the alphabet

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Mary 21st Feb 2019
My residents love this game! They were very creative! Thank you Golden Carers..
Talita 24th Feb 2019
Yes it's a great game idea isn't it! Thanks very much Mary for your feedback.
Christine 17th Apr 2017 Support Worker
Love the idea of this game, the title could also be `My Best Friends Cat'
also had a thought that we could print and laminate Large alphabet letters to assist/prompt those that have difficulty remembering the alphabet. Thank you `Golden Carers'
Susan 26th Sep 2014 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator
Yes you can change it to anything you want, e.g. in my supermarket basket, in my holiday suitcase, chuildren's names in the classroom etc.
Janelle 25th Sep 2014 RAO
I have done a similar alphabet game, each resident names an item to be put into a school bag eg A Apple, B Ball, C Calculator etc. we made it a little more challenging by each having to repeat what the other person has put into the bag, lots of laughs and surprising how well most can remember each item.
We have also done the same activity naming places to go on a holiday eg. A America, B Boston, C Canada.
The ideas are endless.
Marina 29th Jun 2014 Diversional Therapist I/T
My ressies really enjoyed this game and completed A - Z. Will do again and change the animal etc. Many thanks.
Jayne 10th Jun 2014 co-ordinator seniors centre
I have decided to do the Queens dog (corgi or dorgi) for Queens birthday celebrations at my centre I will let you know how it goes!
Peter 27th May 2014 Recreation & Lifestyle Coordinator
Why stop at the Vicar's Cat, try the Butcher's Dog, the Milkman's Daughter and as many variations as you can think of!
Mary Jean 19th May 2014 WellBeing Program Director
This is fun! I will do it in our native tounge for the elderly to enjoy. Thanks for sharing!