We gathered pictures of residents with their sweetheart. Some were recent pictures, some were wedding pictures from long ago. Some were with their pet!
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We gathered pictures of residents with their sweetheart.

Some were recent pictures, some were wedding pictures from long ago. Some were with their pet!

We printed them in black and white and pasted them in a big red heart.

On the back we put their name and their sweetheart.

We hung the hearts on a blossom tree we borrowed. You can buy them at Costco or online.

Residents loved it!

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Love this idea!! thank you!
Clarie Dennis 25th Jan 2022
These are such great ideas!

Thank you for sharing them!!

Susan 10th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for this information Mary
Mary 10th Apr 2021 Vibrant Life Coordinator
Great idea! We used some maple branches buried in a vase with some stones for various seasons. A “grateful tree” for Thanksgiving. Leaves were attached to the tree with things residents and families were grateful for. During Easter we had decorations painted by the residents on display. Trees aren’t just for Christmas anymore:)
Susan 1st Feb 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for the useful feedback Dawn
Dawn 31st Jan 2020
I got my tree on amazon for $30 US!

Fashionlite LED Lighted Cherry Blossom Tree 6.5Ft 240L for Home Garden Decoration,Wedding,Birthday,Christmas,Festival,Party Indoor and Outdoor Use, Cool White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JKQ5QOY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_DP.mEb5N1PHQN
Susan 13th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi Lee
Thank you for your suggestion
Lee White 13th Jan 2020
Hi Janice ,
What I did to make mine is I found some branches attached to a thick trunk ,which I then after cleaning it off set into a pot with plaster of paris ,once set I painted it ( I did ours white) or you could leave it natural ,then the residents decorated it with assorted leaves ,flowers ,snowflakes etc each season .Hope this helps
Janice 13th Jan 2020 Life Enriching Director
I love this idea, but I am having difficulties finding a Cherry Blossom Tree (faux). Thought about making one out of the stems…cost too much. Checked with Costco and they no longer carry this type of tree. Any suggestions???? Thanks.
Susan 13th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi Janice
You could make the tree out of newspaper simply roll the pages diagonally and put them all together use a cup to put all the branches in and then paste the pictures on the branches
You can also use a wall decal such as the one suggested by
You could also make one for the wall out of construction paper
Mary 21st Dec 2019
I did this and the residents and family members loved it!
Talita 30th Dec 2019
oh great to hear thanks Mary. This is a lovely activity!
Rita 21st Dec 2019 Animadora Sosiocultural
Em vez de uma árvore pode ser feito como móbil pendurado no teto.
Nathasha 3rd Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hi all. I'm Nathasha ,Activities coordniator from a rest home in auckland.Thanks alot for this lovely idea. I created this at my facility and it was a hit !!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't find the exact tree but we made one.
thanks again for this idea and this is a great website thanks again
Talita 11th Mar 2019
This is so great to hear, thank you Nathasha! If you have a pic, we'd love to see it!
Candace 25th Dec 2018 Memory Care Director
Lovely Idea! I bought a wall decal instead of a stand alone tree. Looking forward to making this happen with my residents :)
Talita 30th Dec 2018
Thanks for your feedback Candace! If you can, send in a pic when you're done, we'd love to see how it turned out!
debbie 4th Aug 2015 day centre coordinator
love this idea. I have purchased one from e bay to use. I think this would be great to share for those clients who are bed bound and use this as a theme for discussion and move it around to each person, changing the theme to their specific interests. Leave it in their rooms for a week in turn.
stimulate senses and aid one on one visits.

Naomi 27th Jul 2015 Recreational Therapist
Great Thank You :)
Karen 17th Jul 2015 Activity director
I bought one at Costco but you can purchase on line as well.
Naomi 14th Jul 2015 Recreational Therapist
Love this idea - where can you purchase the trees from?
Lee 12th May 2015 Lifestyle Assistant
Love this
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