Gathered pictures of residents with their sweetheart.

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debbie 4th Aug 2015
love this idea. I have purchased one from e bay to use. I think this would be great to share for those clients who are bed bound and use this as a theme for discussion and move it around to each person, changing the theme to their specific interests. Leave it in their rooms for a week in turn.
stimulate senses and aid one on one visits.

Naomi 27th Jul 2015
Great Thank You :)
Karen 17th Jul 2015
I bought one at Costco but you can purchase on line as well.
Naomi 14th Jul 2015
Love this idea - where can you purchase the trees from?
Lee 12th May 2015
Love this ❤️
Karen 18th Feb 2015
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Sweetheart tree