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Karen 17th Jul 2015 Activity director

Sweetheart Tree

I bought one at Costco but you can purchase on line as well.
Karen 20th May 2015 Activity director


I'm looking for a simple activity to add to our Fathers Day activity. Last year we made paper airplanes and had a flying contest from our balcony.
Karen 12th May 2015 Activity director

Wedding Photo Guessing Game

We made a sweetheart tree with all the wedding photos. We made hearts and glued the scanned photos and then hung the photos on a tree with lights. We kept it up all week around Valentines Day. They loved it.
Karen 18th Feb 2015 Activity director

Sweetheart Tree

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Sweetheart tree
Karen 31st Dec 2014 Activity director


I'm new to the site. Wondering about activities related to pajama party.... Any ideas?