I provided clip art on canvas, paint and color pencils. They residents picked which picture they wanted. We had sparkling juice, cheese, grapes and crackers. If your facility allows you can use wine!
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I provided clip art on canvas.

We had sparkling juice. If your facility allows you can use wine.

I had cheese, grapes and crackers.

They picked which picture they wanted.

I provided paint and color pencils.

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Melissa 21st Feb 2023 Recreational therapist
Hey guys! I get my patients to use colored chalk to shade the image on the backside. Next you place it, chalk side down on your canvas, or paper you'll be painting on and trace the image with a pen, pencil or marker. The chalk outline will now be there as a guide and when your done you can wipe it away. Hope that helps!
Susan 28th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Where did you get strong no 10 x 10 pizza boxes??
Thanks in advance for your help
LINDA 28th Sep 2021 Resident Services Manager
When my residents are painting, I use a sturdy pizza box that when opened, allows the canvas to prop against it becoming a table-top easel. When they are finished (or not quite finished) but finished for the day, all of their painting supplies and the canvas go back into the pizza box for storage to be pulled out for later use.
LINDA 19th Aug 2020 Resident Services Manager
I just bought old fashioned carbon paper and traced the outline lightly onto the canvas for each resident before they arrived. I used 10" thin
canvas boards and used a new 10x10 pizza box as their easel and storage of their supplies. It also allowed the painting to dry inside for pick up a few days later.
Katheryn 27th Sep 2021 Aps3
Hi Linda thanks for the idea about the pizza boxes as art stands how did you make them and where they strong enough for them to paint on? Thank you in advance
RAENITA 15th Jul 2020 R.N.D.O.N.
Hello my name is Jazsmine: I am a social worker and been for the last 8 years, however I have stepped into new shoes of doing social work as well as activities. I have been looking on this site for a couple of days and I love it. Has anyone found an easy way to put the picture on the canvas for this activity?
Susan 15th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi RaeNita
It seems like people use carbon paper or what Simonne mentioned
Also if you have someone who is good at drawing maybe they can help you out
Susan 16th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Fran
Thank you for sharing this idea it should be helpful to many
Fran 16th Jun 2020 Activities Assistant
Sometimes the carbon paper smears all over in my opinion. Another way, less expensive but a little bit more time consuming -not much if the drawing is simple, is to shade the back of the drawing, lines only, with a number 2 or darker pencil, holding the pencil at a 45 degree angle.(this may need to be done in a window for the image to be seen well enough) but then you flip it back over onto the canvass and re-trace the front. The graphite should appear (rub off) on the front of the canvass. it's pretty simple and easy. I've used this method a good bit.
simonne 13th Jan 2020 Support worker
Someone explained to me once that you get a simple picture from internet (clip art or similar with thick lines and simple picture) print onto A3 then trace it and put it onto a large canvas.. put dots of paint into the sections of picture for resident to follow. They then over the black lines in thick black pen and tidied up painting if need be. They also painted over canvas afterwards if not wanted.
Susan 14th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Thank you Simonne for this information
YOLLY 28th Dec 2019 Leisurea And Recreation Coordinator
How do you do this Please
Susan 26th Dec 2019 Activity Director
You can play some classical music in the background and The residents paint to music
I’d like to serve food and drink after the activity because then it seems like the residents are more motivated to participate in the activity
Stephanie 12th Aug 2019
How do you put Clip Art on Canvas?
Sherlene 18th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator
Thanks for the Sip and Paint idea. My residents really love it. I have a social worker that volunteers to lead the group and she makes the drawings ahead of time on the canvas. This is our second time doing this and it's going to be a monthly activity. Again thanks for the idea! Sherlene
Sherri 17th Oct 2018 Activity Assistant
What type of clip art would be best? I have Beginner Crafts (low functioning) and Advanced Crafts (high functioning) Any ideas?
Wendi 15th Aug 2018 Life Enrichment Program Director
Would LOVE to try this, can you explain how you got the clip art on the canvas? What was the easiest way to do this?
JANET 18th Aug 2018
Hi Wendi have you worked out how to get the clip art onto the canvas ?
Yvonne 29th Aug 2018 Recreational Therapist
Hello, Have you figured how to get the clip art to the canvas?
Wendi 29th Aug 2018 Life Enrichment Program Director
I think I saw something on Pinterest it's carbon sheets and you trace it on the canvas. I think this might be the easiest way to do it for the residents.
Any other thoughts on how to do it?
Sherlene 8th Aug 2018 Activities Coordinator
Wow! so many nice ideas!! Thank you very much. You help make my job so much easier, fun, and exciting!!
Nicki 6th Aug 2018 Life Enrichment Director
Such a GREAT activity to try. Can’t wait!!
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