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Colouring for Seniors   $29.95

30 pages of landscapes, scenery, and themes.

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karen 22nd Jun 2016 activity specialist
These are great..yes can we have more please.This topic is perfect for my new resident whose been to Art museums all over the world:-) Thank you
Talita 27th Jun 2016
Thanks for your feedback Karen. Based on this suggestion we have setup a new category for artist impressions and have started moving across the ones we already have. More to follow shortly!
Sandy 17th Jun 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator
Do you provide information on the artists as well?
Talita 20th Jun 2016
Great idea Sandy, we will be adding them shortly!
Solange 24th Oct 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Dianne, thank you for the feedback. There will be more art templates in the December newsletter.
Dianne 23rd Oct 2012 Recreational Activities Officer
Could we please have more of these. PLEASE