A reminiscing magazine for every day in July! Enjoy the next edition of the popular 'This Day in History' series with historical trivia, jokes, quotes and biographies!

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Victoria 23rd Jul 2020 Recreation Therapist
These are so great! I work at a VA Nursing Home and I have been getting great feedback! Thank you :)
Talita 26th Jul 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Victoria!
Susan 27th Jun 2020 Activity Director
We are glad to have you as a member Gail
You can share any great activity that you do
We would love to see it Also if you have any questions feel free to ask them because this is a community of highly knowledgeable helpful members
Gail 27th Jun 2020 Activities Director
Awesome website!! Glad I found you!!!
Talita 28th Jun 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Gail!
Katya 12th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinater
You are welcome as you are a wonderful bunch of people that really take the time to help us find great activities.
Katya 7th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinater
The care quality commission inspectors looked at the activities I printed off from this website and they were very impressed. So thank you again!
Talita 11th Jun 2018
Wow Katya, that is so wonderful to hear! Thanks for sharing this!
Christina 5th Jun 2018 recreational officer
really like this day in History , amid all the other wonderfull ideas you give to us !!
Talita 11th Jun 2018
Thank you so much for your feedback Christina!