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Georgina 31st Jan 2017 Lifestyle Co-ordinater

Eyeglass Lens Brooch

What a great idea and so easy to make. Will definitely be trying this in craft group. Thanks Lynne.
Georgina 18th May 2016 Lifestyle Co-ordinater

Sensory Rain Sticks

Thank you. We will make these in craft this week. The residents love making things in craft and i think they will enjoy this activity.
Georgina 29th Sep 2015 Lifestyle Co-ordinater


Abba songs are great for some upbeat music. I work in high care and most of the residents are in wheelchairs but they can relate to the Abba songs and love to move to the music.
Georgina 10th Nov 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinater

Wedding Photo Guessing Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Wedding photo guessing game