The fun and laughter we had in guessing which photo belongs to who was fantastic. The residents loved reminiscing about their wedding day.
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This was a fabulous afternoon activity!

Collect residents wedding photo's.

Display them on a large table in the lounge room or activity room. I used one of our dining room tables and then collected the residents and sat them all around the room.

The fun and laughter we had in guessing which photo belongs to who was fantastic. The residents loved reminiscing about their wedding day. We also had staff get in on the act with their wedding photos as well.

It was 2 hours of absolute enjoyment.

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CAROL 11th Jul 2022 Volunteers
Hi guys am covering this topic today my group are bringing there wedding pictures in Will let you know how it goes from Carol
Jean 8th Jan 2022 Activity Co Ordinator
Our mock wedding photo
Talita 17th Jan 2022
How lovely Jean! Thank you for sharing this picture!
Jean 8th Jan 2022 Activity Co Ordinator
Great idea we will have to try that.
Last June we held a mock wedding. Well I can tell you the excitement leading up to it was fantastic. This wedding turned out so so well. I organised it just like a real wedding.
First off we looked for volunteers for the wedding party. We had a Bride 86 years old, chief bridesmaid 86 years old, a flower girl 81 years old (this lady really wanted to be involved in the wedding- so I said Rose you can be flower girl) Mother of the bride 89 years old. Father of the bride 85 years old.
Groom 98 years old, best man 79 years old, mother of the groom 76 years old.
We held a Hen Party and Stag Party on the same day with each group at different tables. We organised it just like a real Hen/stag party we had a pink theme for the Hens, and a shirt and tie for the gents. The usual funny glasses, head gear etc..
All residents were invited to the wedding we handed out proper wedding invites the week before.
The wedding was held in our lobby, we had a Top Table fully decorated with tablecloths and napkins, wine glasses, beautiful candlesticks, etc..
All the residents and staff dressed up for the occasion in their best dresses, outfits. We had live music. We had a beautiful Arch decorated with white and grey balloons.
We held the ceremony under the arch, all members of the wedding party party at the top table where we served finger food.
All our ladies wore a hat or facinator in their hair which I begged and borrowed over many weeks beforehand.
It was well worth all the time and effort involved in organising it .
Susan 9th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thank you for sharing this
Sounds lovely and the picture is great
Jannine 17th Feb 2019 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
I held a Wedding photo reminiscing activity last year... A HUGE SUCCESS!!! I placed all photos on a table covered with a lace table cloth, with a vase of flowers strings of pearls etc.... looked beautiful. I then picked a photo , naming the person whose photo it was , with them telling their story as the photo was passed around the group. I had a staff members wedding photo which I asked all to guess who it was. The room was packed and residents / family members , as well as staff talked about it for weeks. I have just started running a vintage photo group , again a hit, which I will be adding to our program monthly.
Talita 24th Feb 2019
This sounds wonderful Jannine, thanks for sharing!
Villan 16th Apr 2016 Recreational Activity Officer
We did the wedding photo guessogn game. It was a success but few felt sad because they miss their partners.
Solange 16th May 2015 Diversional Therapist
Great idea Karen!
Karen 12th May 2015 Activity director
We made a sweetheart tree with all the wedding photos. We made hearts and glued the scanned photos and then hung the photos on a tree with lights. We kept it up all week around Valentines Day. They loved it.
Catherine 6th Mar 2015 Diversional Therapist
We did a baby photo guessing competition, staff photos. It was fun.
Joanne 16th Dec 2014 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I have done this only I used famous people wedding photos, led into reminsicing and we had a huge wedding day with staff bringing in their photos and wedding dresses..will post some pictures later
Solange 16th Dec 2014 Diversional Therapist
The same can be made for baby photos. Collect them and make a game: Place one at time on display (for a couple of days) and leave a sheet of paper and pencil nearby for people to write their guesses :"Who is this?". Give a token prize for the person who guessed first. It gets a lot of attention from residents and staff alike.
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