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Adriana 25th Jan 2022 Recreation Supervisor

Finish the Old-Time Song Titles

Our seniors love this game after each question,we sing the song - so much fun
Adriana 3rd Oct 2017 Recreation Supervisor


I am trying to find easy fundraisers that I can do for and with my residents for the Resident council to raise funds for our entertainment fund. Do you find that entertainers are asking for an arm and a leg...for an hour of entertainment. Gone are the volunteers who give back to the community and to our seniors. Anyone have some good ideas that aren't the same ones everyone does for fundraisers?
Adriana 13th May 2017 Recreation Supervisor


Looking for ideas around Weddings. I am thinking of getting our residents wedding pictures and having us all share all about getting married. I thought about a wedding gown fashion show, guesss who the famous couples are etc. any one out there done a whole day theme on this?

Adriana 29th Oct 2016 Recreation Supervisor

Giant Snakes and Ladders for any size group

We have also made a horserace using the paint cloths. Any other ideas for me for a large group game that I can put on the floor so that all the residents can see.
Adriana 29th Oct 2016 Recreation Supervisor

Giant Snakes and Ladders for any size group

I made my snakes and ladder game by sewing two painting cloths (hardware store) together and then paint with acrylics the whole game on it - ladders and snakes. After it is dried, I spray an acrylic spray that keeps from paint running etc. We have used ours for over 10 years and it still looks great. I had a carpenter cut out two rabbits (white and brown) put wheels on them and a long dowel (make a hole) to push them on the cloths. It folds easy and I usually play the guys and girls against each other. I also made a dice out of a perfect square box,, cover it with white paper and paint the dots ( this way the dice is nice and easy for even those who have only one arm can push off their laps. Great game.
Adriana 15th Apr 2016 Recreation Supervisor

Gift Jar and Candle Holder

One can wonderful great ideas for Volunteers gifts etc. by going into Goggle ...Volunteer favor ideas etc.
Adriana 16th Dec 2014 Recreation Supervisor

Scrabble Twist

I photo copy the letters really large 200X and then I laminate all the letters. Goo for many years.\
Adriana 12th Dec 2014 Recreation Supervisor

Scrabble Twist

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