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gnette 31st Dec 2014 Regional Lifestyle Manager
I play this an call it silly stabble at times I have a theme. Like Aust day then any words relating get bonus points very enjoyable
Maurice 17th Dec 2014
Activity has been updated and you can now download large letter tiles. Thanks for the idea Adriana!
Stephanie 16th Dec 2014 Recreationist
Great idea!
Joanne 16th Dec 2014 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I did this activity using mutiple letters in a bag, the residents picked out ten letters each and see what words they could make up, score was kept and doubled if all letters used, the winner overall received a prize.
Adriana 16th Dec 2014 Recreation Supervisor
I photo copy the letters really large 200X and then I laminate all the letters. Goo for many years.\