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Geeta 23rd Apr 2018 Senior carer

Spring has Sprung

Hi, my apology for not putting down the instructions. I am highly motivated by Golden Carers so this is my first attampt. I was so excited and felt like sharing with Golden Carers. Most part of the work is my simple scatch on paper plates ladies and the trunk is cardboard box which has been opened flat and draw a picture of the trunk. Cutting and painting has been done by our lovely residents :)
Geeta 11th Apr 2018 Senior carer

Spring has Sprung

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Spring has sprung
Geeta 22nd Feb 2018 Senior carer

Fads of the 1940s and 1950s

Thank you so much to Goldencareres !! We had great time doing this activity today. Residents were so excited to talk about those days. Between our discussion I played related songs rock n roll ...yellow polka dot bikini .. :) you made my job so loving, love you Goldencarers !!
Geeta 30th Aug 2017 Senior carer

How to Avoid Burnout

Thank you so much for this article. Seeing this on site I felt like you read my mind ! I love my job, I find so rewarding but at this right moment I don't know why I am feeling low but reading this article gave me a boost !! Thank you again :)
Geeta 24th May 2016 Senior carer

12 Joyful Activities to Inspire Laughter

I am certainly going to do these activities on my next shift. I can't thank enough to golden carers for all the ideas and tips been launched regularly. Since I become member of this site I am so glad that I can bring smile and joy to my clients. Now more laughter and giggles will spread in the AIR!!