Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

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Geeta 23rd Apr 2018 Senior carer
Hi, my apology for not putting down the instructions. I am highly motivated by Golden Carers so this is my first attampt. I was so excited and felt like sharing with Golden Carers. Most part of the work is my simple scatch on paper plates ladies and the trunk is cardboard box which has been opened flat and draw a picture of the trunk. Cutting and painting has been done by our lovely residents :)
Talita 17th Apr 2018
Hi ladies, this activity was submitted by a member. There are no instructions, just a picture for inspiration. However, we have another related activity with instructions and templates available here if you would like some more details:

Emily 17th Apr 2018 Owner
I am unable to see the instructions with this activity. Is there a different way of getting them?
Michele 16th Apr 2018 Activities Supervisor
Clicked on the instructions, and just a blank sheet :(
Debbie 16th Apr 2018 Recreation Therapist
I am sorry but I don't see the instructions. It appears the page to be blank when I download the activity. Perhaps it's from my end, but just giving you heads up.