Celebrate spring at your nursing home by making a gorgeous dream tree composed of spring flowers and blossoms!
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To celebrate spring make a 'dream' tree composed of spring flowers and blossoms. This activity includes 8 spring flower templates for you to download. You may also include recycled paper flowers with painted flowers as per the example spring tree above.

Note this tree is a beautiful decoration over 1.3m / 4.3 feet high!


  • Cultural celebration.
  • Artistic expression.


  • Tree templates provided (see below)
  • Colourful magazines, old calendars, travel agency brochures.
  • Construction paper in bright colours and plain paper.
  • Glue and Blue Tack
  • Pencils, crayons and/or paint for decoration
  • Scissors


  • Download colouring flower outlines and transfer onto strong cardboard to make a durable template.
  • Sit residents around a table and give each a pair of scissors.
  • Using the cardboard templates, trace flowers onto magazines, calendars and brochures. Talk about spring with your residents whilst you do this. Have a little game going by asking what words they remember relating to spring. Use the opportunity to reminisce about what sort of flowers they used to plant and love.
  • Ask residents to cut out traced flowers from magazines etc.
  • Trace some flower templates onto some plain white paper if residents feel like colouring in or painting.
  • You may also trace some onto colourful leftover construction paper on which the residents can then draw the stamen and the pistil.
  • Download the trunk template (A, B & C) and trace onto black or brown construction paper.
  • Take residents to assembly location; a wall or large cork board. Sit residents around to watch and have a couple to hand you the flowers.
  • Start with the 'trunk' of the tree. Place it firmly on the wall with blue tack, be generous with the blue tack or it will fall down after a couple of days.
  • Enjoy the view!

Files included:

Autumn Tree - A

Autumn Tree - B

Autumn Tree - C


Daisy 2

Black Eyed Susan




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Fay 11th Aug 2017
Over the past few weeks the dementia clients of our day centre have enjoyed painting flowers, scrunching crepe paper onto the flowers, cutting the flowers and sticking them on the tree trunk. I LOVE the end result.
This website is so helpful when doing the 8 weekly planning

Thanks for all your great ideas
Talita 5th Nov 2017
Fay how beautiful! I'm sorry this pic and comment was somehow missed earlier. Thank you so much for your feedback, we appreciate it so much! x
Caroline 29th May 2017
Hi everybody I've just join the site and I think this is a wonderland idea and am going to try it with my patients
Talita 5th Jun 2017
Love to hear how it goes Caroline! Send a pic if you can!
Diane 12th May 2017
Our residents had a wonderful time making the flowers for our spring tree. I used the trunk templates but we made tissue paper flowers and it turned out beautiful. Thanks so much for the idea!
Talita 12th May 2017
Absolutely gorgeous Diane! Thanks for sharing this pic!
Kim 22nd Mar 2017
Our residents loved creating this tree and are very proud of it as it has created colour and atmosphere in an otherwise bare area. We have plans to add more to it and incorporate easter into it. A wonderful idea for residents of all capabilities. We had some that could only cut out, others who enjoying colouring using pencils and one lady who has been a beautiful artist created hers in pastel and another who looked for colourful pages in a magazine. Thank you you so much for sharing this lovely idea.
Talita 27th Mar 2017
Wow! So beautiful Kim! Thanks for sharing!!
Kim 20th Jan 2017
Hi, I have done this tree as an Australian Day project. The clients from all parts of the aged care facility enjoyed doing it. Some of the residents had great fun thinking outside of the box and did different color animals. We had rainbow gecko, blue spiders, these are just a few. The resident had a great time working together with the dementia residents. When the tree was finished i then made an elephant the same color as the tree and asked the residents to find the animal that was not Australian. The residents had great fun looking for the elephant, it did take some time for some residents to find it but when they did they were so happy with themselves. thanks for the idea
Jacqui 13th Jan 2017
Hi really like this idea for Easter for something different thanks
Talita 14th Jan 2017
Thanks for your feedback Jacqui!
Joyce 13th Oct 2016
Thank you for the wonderful idea for our Spring display! The residents' really enjoyed making the flowers from old magazines for our tree during our weekly Art group. We glued some Kanuka bark (which handily pulls off the tree in strips) onto our Spring Tree. Residents' love the natural look and texture of their tree - it brings a bit of the natural world into our Hospital lounge. Warm Spring wishes, Paula Holden (Recreation Therapist, Green Gables, Nelson, N.Z).
Talita 31st Jan 2017
Thank you so much for your feedback Joyce, this is wonderful to hear! I somehow missed this comment earlier. All the best!
Wendy 28th Sep 2016
So beautiful Everyone! Lisa, yours looks incredibly realistic. May I ask how you did the trunk and the tree? Also what did you use for the backdrop?

Roslyn 27th May 2016
Dear Golden Carers,
i have recently joined your webpage just thought i would share a photo of the dream tree that our residents have really enjoyed making. we would like to say thankyou for your lovely idea which will now hang proudly in our facility.
we look forward to trying some more of your excellent ideas
thanking your
Roslyn Trangie MPHS Diversional Therapist
Talita 28th May 2016
How beautiful Roslyn!! Thank you so much for the photo and feedback.
Solange 31st Mar 2016
Hi Teresa, regarding the Spring Tree you could try making the trunk longer. or trimming the flowers' templates a little. I hope your clients have fun doing it. Best wishes.
Lisa 1st Oct 2015
Hi all,
We did this in our facility and it receives so many positive comments. Thanks for the inspiration!
patricia 8th Sep 2015
Hi I am new to this site and I am enjoying it. Another idea would be to use buttons as flowers. I put small buttons on top of bigger ones so they look pretty. Just glue anywhere on the branches. It looks wonderful. Trish from Coffs Harbour. I am a Care Worker.
Lisa 4th Sep 2015
Spring has Sprung at Kolora. Residents and staff were enthusiastic in creating a “Spring Tree” collage, to remind us the warmer weather is on it’s way. The decorative collage also enabled residents to discuss topics such as spring, flowers and swinging from a tree on a home made swing.
Taryn 5th Jan 2015
I love this idea!
Helen 17th Dec 2014
We have made a tree with all the residents faces in all the flowers. We made it nice and bright and placed it in the main dining room for everyone to see.
The residents love it and their families do too.
Staff are very impressed and asked if I could make another one for the staff.
Katie McElroy 13th Feb 2014
I did this tree once in complex care but used an outline of every resident's hand, volunteers helped. We put their name on it. Some would decorate their hand with colored nails for nail polish or rings like they wear....or bracelets. It was Hand Tree using all the Seniors. If you have the time you could even put a small round cut out of their picture in the palm perhaps?
Natalie 4th Feb 2014
What a great idea.I am getting my clients to paint the flowers then attach it to a piece of callico
Chantal 9th Sep 2013
This Spring tree has taken on a life of its own in our facility. Since first doing it last year we now keep the trunk of the tree and change the leaves according to the seasons. Spring is now here so winter leaves (which we collected from around trees outside) are now removed waiting for new growth. Such a lovely idea which our residents really love to look at.
Kathy 4th Sep 2013
This was a huge success in our facility in Qld. I loved to offer this because everyone could contribute, regardless of their abilities. Everyone is commenting how bright and beautiful it has made their home. Thankyou.
talita 29th Aug 2013
What a lovely idea! If you have any pictures you can share, please email to [email protected]

Thanks Jane!
Jane 29th Aug 2013
We at Bupa South Hobart have made your Spring Dream Tree. We wrote each residents name on the flowers. We put the tree on display in our lift and invited residents to find their flower and then make a wish. A lovely display for all to admire. Thankyou Jane
talita 30th Jul 2013
Hi Gail,

thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!

gail 30th Jul 2013
What a wonderful time the residents had colouring in the Autumn trees , leaves, flowers, lizards and snakes. The dining room looks bright and fun filled and best of all the residents absolutely love their art work display.
Tracy 31st Oct 2012
We did this project with a group of pre-school children who visit us regularly. It was fantastic, although some of the flowers took on a shape all of their own :) .The end result was great but the interaction during the activity is just wonderful to see.
Kathy 11th Oct 2012
This is the photo of the tree we created from one of your ideas.
Shirley 17th Sep 2012
Everyone enjoyed this activity so much - residents requested we make more - Shirley NSW
Shirley 8th Sep 2012
This activity worked well & it looks wonderful. Shirley NSW
Catherine 25th Aug 2012
I made a version of the Recycled Dream Spring Tree, in my dementia unit using all recycled resources. It looks so pretty I placed it in the dining room & everyone comments on how lovely it is. Thank u fpr your fabulous site, full of wonderful ideas!
Melissa 24th Jun 2012
Hello, I have just completed a simular project with my residents but with falling leaves, so pleased with my residents effort and its now hanging proud on the wall. Now seeing this tree cant wait for spring to complete this activity! Thanks for the idea.
Patricia 16th Apr 2012
Hi We did two spring trees and we cut out butterfly between them it was a great success (Illawong NSW) thank you plan to do another one next spring. Didn't take it down untill end of summer.
Solange 26th Jan 2012
Hi Bronwyn,I am glad it worked for you. Good luck!
Bronwyn 24th Jan 2012
Just as expected, this was a huge success when we made our Spring Tree. Our residents (Toowoomba Qld)enjoyed making the flowers using many different mediums and when put together on the wall, the effect was amazing. Thankyou Linda!
Linda 17th Oct 2011
Hi I am a activities co ordinator in a home in NZ. The residents and I made a springtime tree. It looks really great up on the wall in our facility. Thanks for the inspiration Linda
Michelle 12th Apr 2011
My residents have just completed their "Dream Tree" incorporating an Easter theme with the Easter Bunny by a white picket fence with his basket of eggs. It looks great and they are very proud of what they have achieved. Michelle
Bronwyn 10th Jan 2011
I think this is a great idea and looks wonderful. This will be on my program calender next spring
Neide 26th Aug 2010
Hi Solange!
Adorei esta ideia! Vou poder usa-la com as crianças quando voltar as minhas atividades com elas, não é?
Juleen 28th Jul 2010
Hi,I am from Australia, I am an assistant nurse, I have worked in an aged care facility for many years, I work as a diversional therapist one day a week, I think your site is fantastic,Thank you, Juleen
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