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About Ellen: Hi my name is Ellen I have been a lifestyle Coordinator for 7 years. I love my job very much, I have a fantastic lifestyle assistant Tricia we work as a team. Love Golden Carers so many great ideas on here. Thanks so much for all the wonderful resources. We have a wonderful team of Care staff, who assist us and we do the same for them. Our Residents are very important to us. Since writing this I did retire in March 2023, then came out of retirement in November2023, the 8 months I was away I missed our Residents and the wonderful staff I worked with. So happy to be back.
I love working in this home as we are like Family to one another.

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Ellen 17th Feb 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

8 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in Senior Care Homes

At our facility, we print of a photo of something the Resident likes such as flowers and animal etc. We Print their name on it. We laminate the picture this goes on top of the cake. If it is a special Birthday such as 100, we print a photo of their younger self, laminate and place on cake. They love this and it makes it more personalised for them.
Ellen 29th May 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator

Look & Listen

what a great idea will definately try this activity.
Ellen 29th May 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator

Story time

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