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Paula 28th Aug 2017 Activities Director
Tried this for our Family Home Evening activity using the names of our residents for the story line. It was hilarious. Even our most grumpy resident was smiling.
Susan 1st Aug 2017 Activity Director
This is a great idea loaded with creativity
Emma 29th Jun 2017 Activity Coord
Just done this with residents, it took them a moment to get it but once they did it was great! thank you!
Talita 3rd Jul 2017
Thanks for your feedback Emma!
Jennifer 6th Jun 2017 Lifestyle Co Ordinator
We are going on a "virtual" holiday around Australia at the moment. The Residents are very excited and involved. They love telling stories about the towns they have visited as we arrive there. We have a large map and folders and each town we stop at I print out a brochure about the town and put it in their folders. It is a lot of fun
Talita 11th Jun 2017
This is a great idea Jennifer!