Great Minds Think Alike Word Game

Great Minds Think Alike Word Game

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My Assisted Living ladies love this and always ask when we're going to play it again!

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Edie 25th May 2022 Life Enrichment Specialist
I am trying this game today with some higher functioning residents. I will award the point to the one whose answer is different from all the rest. Let's see who can come up with the most unique answer!
Talita 29th May 2022
I hope it went well Edie!
Susan 8th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hi Kristin
Good idea
Thank you for sharing it
Rene 5th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Thank you! I got this idea from someone else, but I changed the name, and tweaked it to meet the needs of my group. I like your idea of having 3 or 4 choices to choose from, I'm wondering if you couldn't type it all up like a multiple choice worksheet. Perhaps they could circle the word that they wanted to choose, and then you could award points to any that circled the same word. I'm not sure about the ability levels of your lower functioning people, but that might be an option. I think it would still be profitable just going around the room and asking everyone to say what they would put in the blank, and not keep score. It still gets them thinking and they can come up with some pretty interesting answers! It can spark a lot of laughter.
Susan 6th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Wow René
Thank you for your thoughts on this
I think they multiple choice idea using a worksheet great
I think you have to adapt and modify activities to meet the needs of your residents which undoubtedly changes over time
It’s great when minds come together
Thank you
Susan 30th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi again Rene
Was thinking about this and I was thinking of a way to get lower functioning and high functioning people involved
You could have high functioning resIdents Think of answers and write them down

Then you could play with lower functioning residents you could ask the questions and depending on the function of the audience you could give them a choice of 23 or four answers and let them pick the one they think is most popular
There would not have any winners but it would be fun to play
What do you think about that??
Susan 29th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Very clever René
Thanks for sharing this
Can anyone think of a way to do this without the residents having to write the answers down?
Kristen 8th Apr 2022 Program Director
Maybe give everyone a moment to think of a word and on a count down, have everyone yell out their word together?