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Deanna 17th Oct 2017 Activities Director

Deal or No Deal

I use finger nail polish, toothpaste, notepads, ink pens, tissue paper(like the small pack), chapstick, chips, cookies, nothing big....for the booby prizes it might be a washcloth, a bar of soap, comb, just something that our residents will find silly.
Deanna 13th Oct 2017 Activities Director

Guess Who?

We used this during National Assisted Living Week and we had so much fun with it. Thanks for sharing.
Deanna 18th Sep 2017 Activities Director

Prize Walk

I use small prizes, yet items that the residents either need or small snack items. Many of them do not have extra money to buy the little things, so that is a way for them to have fun and pick up some things they other wise might not get.
lip gloss
nail polish
costume jewelry
wash cloth
these are just some of the examples that I have used.
Deanna 27th Jul 2017 Activities Director

Taste Test Savoury Nibbles

We call ours just "taste test contest" we use different foods from jello to peanut butter to candybars. Our residents also loved this.
Deanna 26th Jul 2017 Activities Director

Prize Walk

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Prize Walk
Deanna 20th Jun 2017 Activities Director

How to motivate residents in long term care

I am a new Activities Director at an Assisted Living and my residents are high level functioning and it is like pulling teeth to get them to come to an activity. Any ideas would be appreciated please?