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Kathleen 20th Jul 2021 Activity Assistant
great idea! I will have to try this. thank you!
Nellie 23rd Oct 2018 Volunteer Actually Director
This activity sounds like fun. Will implement it in November calendar!!!
Thank you so much Deana!!
Nellie Palmer
Solange 19th Sep 2017 Diversional Therapist
Great ideas for token prizes Deanna. Thank you for your feedback.
KARLA 2nd Aug 2017 Life Enricment
what kind of prizes do you give??
Deanna 18th Sep 2017 Activities Director
I use small prizes, yet items that the residents either need or small snack items. Many of them do not have extra money to buy the little things, so that is a way for them to have fun and pick up some things they other wise might not get.
lip gloss
nail polish
costume jewelry
wash cloth
these are just some of the examples that I have used.