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Kathie 30th May 2019 Activity C-ordinator

Flower Bingo

is it normal not to have all the matching pictures , there are several flowers missing off the "calling cards"
Kathie 1st Apr 2019 Activity C-ordinator

Homemade Sugar Scrub

have made with this with a couple of groups, can also use salt as an abrasive cleanser after gardening, both ways are really good.
Kathie 26th Apr 2018 Activity C-ordinator


thanks, thats great, could remember the first part but not the second.
Kathie 17th Apr 2018 Activity C-ordinator


looking for the words that were used inside a cutout teapot with a teabag inside it, it started off, "there are too many miles between us to let me come to you, so am sending this little teabag and this will have to do " looking for the ending of this please. thanks.