This activity is great for people to do a hands-on garden project that does not take a lot of time.

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Talita 28th Sep 2020
I love the photos Robin! Thank you so much for sharing!
Robin 26th Sep 2020 Director Of Recreation
Another photo
Robin 23rd Sep 2020 Director Of Recreation
We used moss that was rolled already!
Robin 23rd Sep 2020 Director Of Recreation
another photo
Robin 23rd Sep 2020 Director Of Recreation
Hi there Everyone:

I want to share activity photos with you when we made the Kokedamas. It was a successful activity this month and the residents named theirs as they know that talking to plants make them stronger!
Susan 3rd Sep 2020 Activity Director
Thank you Kathie For the additional information this should help
Robin 29th Aug 2020 Director Of Recreation
Hi there

We would like to do this. How many parts of coir/potting soil do you need. Also how many does it depending on the size we make I know, approx. How much moss should I get?
Kathie 3rd Sep 2020

Hi, Try this recipe-- Mix equal parts of peat moss and potting mix or bonsai soil together. Slowly add in water and mix until a consistency develops, forming a soil ball that stays together, about the size of a grapefruit/large orange. We get the moss in a block and it makes up to 10 litres of wet product, so it goes a long way. Adding some Perlite to the mix, about two handfuls to a 9 lt bucket will help keep the mix aerated for water to be absorbed. Hope this helps, Kathie.
Joanne 3rd Sep 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
We make these each year and they are very successful and easy to make. We put a longer hanging string on ours and the residents hang them from their verandas or they give them to friends and families as a gift.
Susan 3rd Sep 2019 Activity Director
Sounds great KathIe
Could be a great gardening activity without a lot of trouble
Kathie 2nd Sep 2019 Team Leader
I have done this activity with 3 different groups so far, it has been a huge success, some groups made 3-4 each.