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Penny 4th Jan 2022 Memory Care Manger

Lucky Dog Card Game

I love that you use large print cards! I found that some of my folks get confused with the turned over cards. I have them throw the cards in a basket in the center of the table to get them out of sight. We have to be flexible right?!
Penny 13th Sep 2021 Memory Care Manger

Red or Black Card Game

This game is what YOU make of it. You have to put your energy into it. They pick up that energy and will have a fun time. I have used it for years. It seems infantile but it ends up being very social and a win, win!
Penny 9th Sep 2021 Memory Care Manger


There is a lot more going on besides boredom. She is depressed of the loss of her prior life.
Put her in charge, get her a library card, let her order materials that interest her. Get her on the computer and let her find interesting subjects. Activities Connection has Cognitive Stimulation puzzles that are a lot of fun. Do you have a resident council? Start a committee that raises funds for childhood cancer, the local fireman need cookies etc. Let her help with organizing it. Find other ways that can make her feel useful that are attainable in your facility.
Penny 9th Mar 2021 Memory Care Manger


Thank you Adam great idea!
Penny 1st Mar 2021 Memory Care Manger


Kathy you were a insightful and loving granddaughter, he was lucky to have you. Thank you for you suggestions, I’m looking forward to trying them
Penny 24th Feb 2021 Memory Care Manger


Hello Solange! Thank you for taking the time to give me some ideas. I love the idea of getting an old chair for him to restore! I think that would keep his attention and give him a purpose.
Penny 24th Feb 2021 Memory Care Manger


I work in a facility that specializes in end stage Alzheimer's. We have a resident that seeks ways out all day, in the evenings he wants to "help" by moving all the furniture including stacking chairs, benches and try's to stack dining tables. He is difficult to redirect and gets angry if you try to stop his activity. He was an account and would do math worksheets and count play money for us, however his attention span is not there any longer.
Does anyone have any "Jobs" ideas that would work? He likes to be a helper.
Penny 16th Jul 2020 Memory Care Manger


Cindy you are an inspiration! Thank you letting us in our your Smile Squad Wednesdays.
Penny 7th Jul 2020 Memory Care Manger

Card Concentration Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Card Concentration
Penny 6th Jul 2019 Memory Care Manger


I’ve worked at two facilities where we did this. We got one cart donated from a local grocery store. At the other facility we purchased it for $110..