Lucky Dog Card Game

Lucky Dog Card Game

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Alison 5th Feb 2019 Diversional Therapist
We have two ladies from our memory support unit who enjoy playing bingo but were finding it difficult with our bingo buttons.
So we improvised and photo copied bingo cards many times and provided them with bright coloured pens and changed cards after each game. This brought back memories for our ladies who can now fully participate in the game without the confusion of moving the buttons.
Love this site so many great "IDEAS".
Charmain and Alison. Lifestyle Team.
Talita 8th Feb 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Alison!
Susan 5th Feb 2019 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator
This is called Hoy, or we just call it Card Bingo. A great game for those who cannot manage a 'proper' game of bingo.
Maureen 3rd Feb 2019 activities officier
We use this as Bingo as it is very easy to set up and when finished on game we pass two cards to the right so that we are interacting with all those at the table sometimes we go to the left just to create even more interaction and sometimes chaos (not really) I have made a set of number cards to play the same way and am in the process of completing a set of word cards to be played the same way.
Penny 30th Jan 2019 Activity Director
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