Print out the numbers 5, 10, 20, and 50.  You will need 4 copies of each number apart from the letter 50 - only one copy is needed.

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Lorraine 18th Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director
I've made an adaptation because of the room I have to work in: Instead of this one set of numbers on paper (I painted them and they are not laminated - cost restrictions), I made two sets plus two extra "50s" and I am taping them together to make a longer strip that can be accessed by all the residents (we have a longer, narrower space).

I'm just working out the kinks, and will try to post a pic.
Susan 19th Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi Lorraine
Can’t wait to see the picture. Thanks for sharing.
Tina 13th Jan 2023 Caregiver
I want to be a activity director for homecare assistant living is it hard.
Any things you might tell help me
I applied for this job
Mary 12th Jan 2023 Activities Co Ordinator
Hi Lorraine I’m so delighted that you like my idea ! And most of all your clients can play,
Lorraine 11th Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director
This is a great, simple idea - what I like is that (almost) all my people can do it - any suggestions for including a lady with Parkinson's who is often 'stuck' and can't make her body toss the bean bag? I do play a game with them sometimes that utilizes large foam dice; these she seems more likely to be able to 'toss' or at least roll off her knees.

Also, since I am on a super-tight budget, I'll probably just paint the numbers on sheets of paper and put them together without taping; although this original version sounds better.