Print out the numbers 5, 10, 20, and 50.  You will need 4 copies of each number apart from the letter 50 - only one copy is needed.

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Christine 9th Aug 2023 Retired
Being a very new sign up to this wonderful website I already find the quizzes excellent for the Home where I Volunteer and the ideas you suggest along with my many ideas make my time entertaining the Residents extremely fulfilling.. I have this evening made my own very cheap version of the Bean Bag Toss..Being a Bowls fanatic I also have a length of green carpet from local Bowls Club with small toy Bowls which Residents enjoy attempting to get near the Jack in a competitive manner..there are so many simple ideas that work really well I find..
Lorraine 18th Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director
I've made an adaptation because of the room I have to work in: Instead of this one set of numbers on paper (I painted them and they are not laminated - cost restrictions), I made two sets plus two extra "50s" and I am taping them together to make a longer strip that can be accessed by all the residents (we have a longer, narrower space).

I'm just working out the kinks, and will try to post a pic.
Susan 19th Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi Lorraine
Can’t wait to see the picture. Thanks for sharing.
Tina 13th Jan 2023 life enrichment manager
I want to be a activity director for homecare assistant living is it hard.
Any things you might tell help me
I applied for this job
Mary 12th Jan 2023 Activities Co Ordinator
Hi Lorraine I’m so delighted that you like my idea ! And most of all your clients can play,
Lorraine 11th Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director
This is a great, simple idea - what I like is that (almost) all my people can do it - any suggestions for including a lady with Parkinson's who is often 'stuck' and can't make her body toss the bean bag? I do play a game with them sometimes that utilizes large foam dice; these she seems more likely to be able to 'toss' or at least roll off her knees.

Also, since I am on a super-tight budget, I'll probably just paint the numbers on sheets of paper and put them together without taping; although this original version sounds better.
Nicole 8th Feb 2023
Go to a Dollarstore and get one of their cheap plastic table cloths and write the numbers in permanent marker. It will be wipeable that way. Lorraine, try tapping the hand (sometimes the added sensation helps the brain "link up" with the muscles. Or you could try throwing with her non dominant hand. That sometimes works with my clients.