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tina 2nd Sep 2020 Life Enrichment Director

In-House Ice Cream Truck

I ordered this truck from Amazon. It is actually an indoor playhouse. After putting it together, our head of operations put a wood trim around an electric scooter. It was way to drive. The elders loved it!
tina 21st Aug 2020 Life Enrichment Director

In-House Ice Cream Truck

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tina 13th Aug 2019 Life Enrichment Director


Hi! We have around 50 elders in our Dementia unit and we about 25 to 30 participants in most events and sometimes even more. This happens because we get the care staff involved in helping to encourage the elders and walk with them to and from programs.

We also try to keep them engaged by scheduling activities back to back so they stay interested. I always like to have a cart with extra activities for those who need something busy, have all the supplies ready to go so I don’t have to leave so I can keep them engaged. I like to play music during my activities.

9:30 devotion
10:00 exercise
10:30 music
2:30 games & puzzles
3:00 flower arrangements
3:45 sorting, rummaging & folding
4:15 poetry