This ice cream truck has brought a lot of fun to our residents and allows us to celebrate special occasions in style!
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This ice cream truck has brought a lot of fun to our residents and allows us to celebrate special occasions in style!

We repurposed an Amazon indoor playhouse, adding a wooden trim around an electric scooter for mobility. A sheet of plywood creates a stable base with a cutout for the seat and steering wheel, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. Driving it is a breeze!

Play ice cream truck music to add to the nostalgia and excitement.

The residents love it!

Versatile Themes

This truck has been so fun and its mobility makes it versatile for various themed events. 

  • Valentine's truck, offering kisses
  • Hot dog truck
  • Christmas tea cake truck


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Sandy 29th Apr 2021 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Sounds like some great ideas! I love the ice cream truck!
Christy 24th Apr 2021
Can you tell me how you attached it to the wheelchair I would love to do this for my residents!! This is a fabulous idea I love it!
tina 28th Apr 2021
We used a sheet of plywood. We cut out around the seat and stirring wheel laid in over the scooter, attached the fabric to the plywood and the ice cream sits on the plywood.
Tina Knowles 7th Apr 2021
This truck has been so fun. We have used it as a valentines truck we handed out kisses, hot dog truck, Christmas tree cakes.....
Talita 12th Apr 2021
This is just the best activity! Thank you for sharing it Tina, it has been so popular!
Nicole 7th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi my name is Loretta. Nicole and I work together in activities. I truly love this Idea! So creative! We are ordering a ice cream truck today.
Rosa 13th Mar 2021 Coordinator
That is a very creative idea, nice job!
Sandy 10th Mar 2021 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I love this idea!
Janell 17th Feb 2021 Guest Services
Sharita 4th Jan 2021 Activities Director
This idea is fabulous, inspirational. Something that has been slowly waning for me in these difficult times.
Thank you.

Talita 11th Jan 2021
Thanks for your feedback! All the best for 2021 Sharita, hopefully things start looking better soon x
Jill 5th Oct 2020 Activities Director
Here is my Ice Cream/Fun Snack Truck
Stacey Hobday 29th Sep 2020
I have this as well. My residents absolutely love this. I play the ice cream truck music too.
tina 2nd Sep 2020 Life Enrichment Director
I ordered this truck from Amazon. It is actually an indoor playhouse. After putting it together, our head of operations put a wood trim around an electric scooter. It was easy to drive. The elders loved it!
Omayra 18th Feb 2024
I love it!! how did u find it in amazon? thank you!! such an amazing idea!!! ❤
Hannah 28th Aug 2020 Life Enrichment Director
Such a cute idea!
Laura 27th Aug 2020 Life Enrichment
I ordered this too, I would love to see how you attached it. When I click see instructions nothing comes up. Any tips would be great. Thanks
Talita 25th Aug 2020
Wow Tina! This is amazing!
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