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Toni 27th Mar 2018 RN/Carer
Hi Talita - the crossword puzzles are great. Can you please make the template available so we can generate our own puzzle? I celebrated St Pat's Day with Seniors involved in Woodturning. It would be great to customise a follow up puzzle related to their favourite hobby. Thanks.
Talita 31st Mar 2018
Hi Toni, thanks for your feedback. I'm not sure how a template could work as the words will always have a different length... let me look into this and see what I can come up with.
Deb 1st Mar 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator
Love the theme crosswords and puzzles. My residents love it when I attach it tot he newsletter for each month. Give them something to work on till the following month when they get the answers :)
Talita 1st Mar 2016
Thanks for the feedback Deb, much appreciated. We will have some new crosswords up in the next few days.