St Patrick's Day Party Game

St Patrick's Day Party Game

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Heather 13th Mar 2014 Recreation Activities Officer
love this idea and have organised to do this for Monday 17th, tomorrow for craft the residents are doing up the envelopes so they will be ready. thanks so much for sharing I have done so many different games over the past few years for st patricks day it was nice to get a new one to try.
Josephine 11th Mar 2014 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Heather, what a great idea in adding Irish music to the envelopes too. I am already getting this activity organised and adding the music with some sing a longs will add another element to this activity. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Patricia 11th Mar 2014 Co Ordinator
Heather, love the idea! Went to Daniel O'Donnell Show last night, loved it! Music is the heart of the soul! Thank you, an added bonus for my seniors!
heather 11th Mar 2014 DIVERSIONAL THERAPIST
You know what I would do with this game. I would add music to it. So when they get their envelope wit their chocolate inside I would add a name of an Irish song to it...then play that song,have a wee sing a long, and a jig...and if you want add your musical instruments to it we would say here in Northern Ireland"the craic will be mighty". Craic. Meaning fun
Kathryne 26th Feb 2014 Activity facilitator / Planned Activity Group
This is a great idea Thank-you. Another variation to this could be having a trivia question on the back of the envelope
Leonie 21st Feb 2014 Activities Officer
Definitely going to use this. Thank you!
Josephine 19th Feb 2014 Lifestyle Manager
Ooh love this activity. Our group just love chocolates too ! Thank you for posting this party game.
Patricia 17th Feb 2014 Co Ordinator
Sounds interesting, thank you!
Sandy 16th Feb 2014 Recreational Activity Officer
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