Enjoy Italian Day and learn about the Legend of Tarantella!

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Solange 14th Jul 2012 Diversional Therapist
Excellent idea Sheila! A word quiz with a twist. Thank you very much.
Sheila 13th Jul 2012 Occupational Therapist
Perhaps you would like to use an Italian quiz a put together a number of years ago?

All the answers to the clues from the letters of Spaghetti Bolognaise

1. You could colour a picture with this Paint
2. Saying that you are sorry Apologise
3. The leaves of a book or boys training for knighthood Pages
4. A silly water bird! Goose
5. A glass water container Bottle
6. Spring, summer, autumn or winter Season
7. Hockey on horseback Polo
8. A place for merchandise Shop
9. Assist or provide for a need Help
10. Stone roofing material Slate
11. A narrow strip of leather used for laces Thong
12. A poplar tree Aspen
13. A period of darkness Night
14. Catching one’s breath Gasping
15. A really slow walker! Snail
16. Good for tents and washing lines Pegs
17. Fencing Netting
18. Tramp Hobo
19. A snub Slight
20. Two of them Both

Sheila Douthwaite
Occupational Therapist
Mbango Valley Association
South Africa