¡Una revista que recuerda todos los días de mayo! Disfrute de una página completa de información acerca de cada día del año, incluyendo eventos históricos importantes, breves biografías de famosos, chistes, frases célebres y adivinanzas divertidas.

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Tracey 30th Apr 2021 Wellbeing Coordinator
This day in history is awesome. I am at a very multicultural Aged Care village and would love love love this in other languages like Italian, Greek, Egyptian and Coatian. Do you have access to these ..... This is brilliant.
Thankyou :)
Talita 10th May 2021
Thank you so very much for your feedback Tracy!
Eva 7th Apr 2021 Activities Assistat
Love that you guys have today in history in Spanish!!!
Talita 12th Apr 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Eva!