Train Your Brain Tangram Puzzle

Train Your Brain Tangram Puzzle

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Owen 17th Mar 2019 Retired
Here is a steal from The Scout Movement where the activity is called "Kim's Game. Baden-Powell was a great friend of Rudyard Kipling and if you read Kipling's book "Kim" you will learn what "Kim's Game" is and how developed the game for Scouts to develop their memories. It is a good game for Seniors to develop their memories, particularly for those with dementia. There are numerous forms of "Kim's Game" in Scouting books so perhaps Golden Carers Activity Team can come up with a similar activity for Seniors. I can help from my experience in Scouting if that would be of any assistance.
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Mikaela 22nd Jan 2019 Co-Founder
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Train Your Brain