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Talita 30th Jan 2022
Thank you so much Basil, Zoe and Saummya for your feedback!
Saummya 24th Jan 2022 Activity Manager
Thank you so much!

Zoe 27th Mar 2018 HUB MANAGER
Hi this is an excellent activity, I find true/false & yes/no games are wonderful for those living with Dementia. If anyone has a resource where I can find more I would be eternally grateful:)

Golden Carers, you are wonderful xx
Basil 27th Mar 2018 Voluntary Social Work
Incredible site.
Thank you
Keep up the good work
Patricia 6th Mar 2018 Personal Care Assistant
My Residents thoroughly enjoy all the Games i have been collecting from you page for them, thank you so very much, i am very grateful as i find it a great help to be able to log in and find all these wonderful games for them. Thank you so very much.
Talita 10th Mar 2018
Thank you so much for your lovely feedback Patricia, we appreciate it so much!