According to Welsh Folklore, these ornately carved Spoons were traditionally made from a single piece of wood by young men as a love token for their sweethearts.

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Gwyneth 4th Mar 2021 Volunteer
Thanks Jean, I was a bit late in sending it in, but it is a lovely story and as you say it will keep for another year, but it need'nt be kept for St David's Day I think it is a lovely story at any time, we could all do with a bit of love during this pandemic. Gwyneth (Love spoons)
Jean 3rd Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator
I'm sorry I missed these Welsh activities, I did a successful activity: St Davids Day & Wales on Monday 1/3/21 but have printed this for next year. Thank you
Talita 2nd Mar 2021
Wow so interesting Gwyneth! Thank you so much for sharing, I'd loved learning about love spoons. x