What Do You See? Close Up Views of Every Day Items

What Do You See? Close Up Views of Every Day Items

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This activity is an activity to help stimulate the brain. The photos included are every day items magnified in appearance.

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Sally 8th Jan 2021 Lifestyle
Hi all

My first time using golden carers not sure how to search what i want. will need help.
Susan 9th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Sally
Is pretty easy to find some thing
After you log in just hit the search button in the right hand corner
And type in the subject or term you were looking for
For example if you were looking for trivia
Hot The search button
The blank space type trivia
Will get something like this. https://www.goldencarers.com/search/#stq=trivia&stp=1
Then you can dig deeper and get some thing like this after you hit trivia

https://www.goldencarers.com/trivia/ it will show you a list of trivia activities
Then you could click some thing on that list and actually see an activity
This one is old wives tales true Or false

If you need more help let me know
I or someone is always glad to help

Danielle 28th Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi, have you got any more of these? My residents absolutely loved playing this both individually in their rooms and also in groups in the living room.

Thank you for sharing
Talita 30th Nov 2020
I agree this is a great activity, thank you Megan! We will look at creating some more based on this.
Megan 9th Dec 2020 Therapeutic Activities Services Worker
I don't have any more at the moment. I found these by googling close up photos. Although there were some I did not put in so you may find some more if you try googling. I am so glad you like them. I did this activity with my geriatric psych patients and it was such a big hit!