Pets can help us lead happier, healthier lives. Companionship with a pet will ease loneliness, reduce depression, stimulate movement and boost moods.

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Evy 9th May 2017
What happens to the chicks once they hatch?
Caitlin 30th Nov 2014 Recreation therapist
We have a the local K9 perspective dog training group into see all our residents on the first Friday of each month. Its great for both the resident's and animals. Our dementia wing comes to life when the dogs are visiting. Its amazing, some residents that never talk start to talk to the dogs. It is real fun for us all. Caitlin
Janita 21st Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist and Carer
Does anyone have a number or name so l can get in touch with people who have pet therapy dogs to bring to Aged Care Facilities. I am in Berwick Melbourne Victoria. Please contact me by email
[email protected]
Thanks Janita
Leanne 25th Feb 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
Living Eggs have sites in most of Australia's capital cities, country areas are available in some instances. Go to for all the info ......... Good cluck! :)
Kelly 23rd Feb 2013 Recreation Therapist
Leanne I love the 'living egg' exhibit idea. I live in NSW where do I head to find out more and if it is available near my nursing home?
Leanne 4th May 2017
We recently ha d a program at our Day Center "Henny Penny' it was amazing to watch the chicks hatching
Leanne 21st Feb 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
I'm having wonderful success with a 'living egg' exhibit currently. Often run for school children, the company supplies an incubator & warming box with fertilized eggs. The residents have been 'mesmerized' by watching the baby chicks hatch, then we have a deep discussion about naming rights' and the hatchlings are placed into the warming box. After a few hours, they 'fluff' up and are ready for lots of 'cuddles'. The equipment is collected after 2 weeks & any chickens that have not already been 'adopted' out are returned. So much great feedback has been received.
Just before Easter, I visit my local pet store & 'borrow' 2 baby white rabbits for the day. The rabbits are very docile & sit quite happily on a hand towel and are passed to each resident. Wonderful for those in reclined chairs (or in bed) as they sit quite happily on the resident's laps or stomachs. We 'borrowed' 5 hens from a fodder store one day & set them up in the Activity room & reminisced about childhood experiences with chicken & then finished off by sharing our favorite chicken recipes! I'll save the pony visits & baby animal farm visit info for another day.