How to Setup a Pet Visiting Program

How to Setup a Pet Visiting Program

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Pets can bring joy and comfort into the lives of our residents. However, it can feel overwhelming to set up a successful pet visiting program. Here’s how to do it at your community.

Pets can bring so much joy and comfort to people of any age! However, bringing a pet into a senior living community can be difficult to plan and make happen.

In this article we cover:

  • Why a Pet Visiting Program?
  • Getting Started
  • Finding the Perfect Match
  • Tips for Keeping It Going
  • Be Prepeared

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Barbara 5th Nov 2019 Recreation Coordinator
We now have pets visits Monday through Friday with different dogs and my residents love it.
You can contact Therapy Dogs International .
One thing I would suggest is that some of the owners do not want their dogs to have treats due to dietary problems so it's always good to ask first.

My community is very strict when dogs come to visit. Owners must provide current vaccinations and if the dog is with Therapy Dogs Int'l, we require their membership card.

We have residents who are not verbal but when those dogs come in, boy do they start to talk to them! It's amazing the connections between the dogs and our residents!
Talita 10th Nov 2019
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this Barbara - what a beautiful photo! Animals can bring so much comfort and joy to the elderly x
Susan 5th Nov 2019 Activity Director
Another idea is to ask staff members who have appropriate pets to bring them in on a regular basis
We had several staff members would do this
Susan 4th Nov 2019 Activity Director
Sometimes family members have a pet that meets the criteria for pet visits
Make sure to check out this option it can make the resident and the family feel good about the experience
Haley 1st Nov 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer
Haley has submitted a new article: How To Setup A Pet Visiting Program