Give your clients a boost with some simple neurobics brain exercises! These mini-mentals are equivalent to cross-training your brain!
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Give your clients a boost with some simple neurobics brain exercises!

Designed to increase brain power and sharpen the memory, the underlying concepts of neurobics exercises include:

  1. Focus (attention)
  2. Break from the routine
  3. Involve one or more senses in an unusual situation

These mini-mentals are equivalent to cross-training your brain!

21 Neurobic Exercises

  1. Sit down and dress yourself with your eyes closed (never encourage walking with closed eyes - elders do not have the necessary equilibrium to do so)

  2. Choose a different path to go to your room

  3. Once a month try a new cuisine: kimchi, gravlax, sashimi

  4. Use chopsticks to eat a whole meal!

  5. Learn to read a few words in Braille

  6. Play Charades

  7. Visit a new shopping centre

  8. Use the mouse with your non-dominant hand all day!

  9. Rearrange the furniture in your room (ask for assistance)

  10. Use your watch on the opposite wrist for a month

  11. Plant sweet potatoes or onions in a ceramic pot

  12. Visit an ethnic food store. Seeing, touching and feeling the spices allows your brain to form associative links

  13. Go on a field trip to a suburb you have never been to and discover new landscapes and parks

  14. Listen to classical music while smelling your favourite perfume

  15. Learn five feet exercises and do them first thing in the morning

  16. Go to the local library and read an unusual magazine; something you would not have been interested in before

  17. Take up a new hobby: playing the Ukulele or Bird Watching or something else

  18.  Turn wall paintings and photos upside down for a day so your brain sees them in a different context

  19. Challenge your brain with mental multiplication!  58 X 12?

  20. Listen to a  music genre you’ve never bothered with before: Rap, A Capela, Reggae, Hip Hop

  21. Take up meditation

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Its wonderful to find this activities, expecting many more...
Susan 2nd May 2019 Activity's Co Ordinator
love this web site makes my job more fun and interesting thank you.
Talita 6th May 2019
oh thank you so much for your feedback Susan!
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