The use of essential oils is a wonderful way to provide comfort and enhance the general health of the elderly in long term care. Learn about the benefits of aromatherapy for seniors including those with dementia. Aromatherapy recipes included.

The use of essential oils is a wonderful way to provide comfort and enhance the general health of the elderly in long term care.

In this article we cover:

  • The Benefits of Massage for the Elderly
  • How to Massage the Elderly (hands, feet)
  • How to Use Essential Oils
  • Choosing Suitable Essential Oils for the Elderly
  • Blend or Carrier Oils
  • Tips for Massaging
  • When to Avoid Massage
  • Massage Blend for Arthritis
  • Massage Blend for Dry and Cracked Skin
  • Massage Blend for Dry and Cracked Skin
  • Recipe for General Stiffness & Sore Areas

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Sara 15th Jan 2022 Wellness Coordinator
Just do you followup with its effectiveness? Do you write a progress note. Do a chart?
Susan 17th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Sara
A follow up note is a good idea
Depending on the resident and your facility depends on when you wanna do it
Julia 19th Nov 2020 Enfermera
Tengo algunas limitaciones para escribir en ingles, pero quiero manifestar que el tema de AROMATERAPIA es uno de mis temas preferidos, pronto hare lo posible hacerme miembro y acceder al curso.
Talita 22nd Nov 2020
Thank you Julia, all the best!
Susan 15th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Sara
Just do clinical observation and tell what you see and what do you think
It is very dependent on the resident as to how effective it is
Marie 8th Jan 2019 Wellbeing Trainer and Consultant
Good evening. Lovely article on the benefits of aromatherapy and massage with the elderly. In Britain you have to be a qualified aromatherapist to use essential oils and it would be very dangerous to use and particularly blend essential oils. I have been a therapist and lecturer providing treatments and training in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. My advice would be to please get some basic massage training and do not use essential oils unless qualified to do so.
Marie lloyd
Solange 12th Jan 2019 Diversional Therapist
Thanks for your comments Marie. It would be wonderful if a qualified Aromatherapist was available at every facility but often they are not. When this is the case, I feel that Activity Professionals should use their common sense and follow the guidance of aromatherapy recipes from books and websites, and consult with clinical staff regarding skin integrity, allergies, and other possible contraindications. Physical touch is very important and a fundamental human need. I would place my mother in a facility where she could have the benefit of being touched by kind and caring hands - unskilled but guided - over a facility where Activity staff were not allowed to delve into the wonderful world of essential oils.
Marie 14th Jan 2019
Hi Solange, Thank you for your response.
In the UK you need to be a professional qualified Aromatherapist to not only blend but to apply. We also have to have public liability insurance which are sourced from organisations such as If you are an Activity Coordinator, living in the UK, you will not be able to use Aromatherapy oils. You will need to be a trained practitioner. You will also need to have training in massage to understand the history and benefits of massage, contraindications, contra actions and much more. For 20 years, i have been teaching a wide range of holistic massage treatments and also teach care staff to massage the hands and feet safely. If they chose to use a scent, they would only be able to use a blended product such as Tui Wax by songbird natural and they would have to complete a thorough consultation.
A gentle hand or foot rub with the residents favourite cream would be a wonderful experience. If you are in the UK, you can not use Aromatherapy oils.
Solange 15th Jan 2019 Diversional Therapist
Thanks for sharing this information Marie. It's important that Activity Professional adhere to protocols of their facility and the laws of their country. Using a blended product for a gentle hand or foot rub is a lovely alternative. All the best!
Anglicare - Karen 27th Apr 2016 Lifestyle Lead
Just wondering, Is that meant to be Ginger in the recipe for General Stiffness & Sore Areas? Thanks for the article very useful.
Talita 27th Apr 2016
Ahhh yes, typo fixed! Thanks Karen.