Here are some fascinating facts about Italy!

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Mary LYnn 2nd Jul 2020 Activities Director
I just LOVE the multicultural section of this fabulous website. I work as a Activities Director at a day service facility and we are currently closed due to COVID! I am mailing/delivering personalized packages to our clients. We have clients of many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Adding pages of color-printed information from their country really brightens their day. The family members/care givers are delighted to see a spark in their loved ones eyes when they see and read about their history. I am becoming so educated myself learning all this. It will help me when we get back to work striking a spark in our clients eye when I reminisce with them about their culture. I seriously can NOT get enough of this fantastic site. xoxo :-)
Talita 6th Jul 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Mary Lynn, it means so very much to us. Your clients are so lucky to have you!