5 Fun Technology Activities for Residents

5 Fun Technology Activities for Residents

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With existing hardware your facility already has (like laptops, projectors, tablets), activity coordinators can access a multitude of free online resources and tools that will usher in a wave of new, fun and unique experiences for residents.

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Julie Smith 24th Jan 2022
Could you give me some ideas for those residents in nursing home with dementia when they are in lock down.

Activities 27th Mar 2020 Activities
words with friends, is a fun scrabble App
Amanda 9th Apr 2018 Activity Co-ordinator
Hi any more fun apps I can use plz
Karen 2nd Nov 2017 Lifestyle Lead
We have done the whole virtual world tour with Google Earth and at the moment I'm planning a "Tech Day" so thanks so the ideas. I'm thinking of using the game GeoGuessr for something interesting.
Diane 13th Mar 2017 RMN
Hi if you have an iPhone or iPad there is a free app called MindMate and one called memorybox which are both very good resources
Talita 13th Mar 2017
Thanks for this Diane. This topic comes up often in the forum, thanks for sharing these apps.