So many benefits! Sensory, tactile, concentration, decision-making, creativity, dexterity, hand/wrist strength, potential for socializing, gift-making, reminiscing

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ERIN 11th Feb 2022 Activities Director
Could we paint the clay and it still be good for essential oils?
Activities 24th Feb 2022 Activity Designer
Hi, Erin. Sorry for the delay in answering your question. Paint would prevent the oils from being absorbed into the clay, so the scent would not last. Pieces could be partially decorated with paint, leaving some open clay areas where the oils could be applied and absorbed. Hope this helps.
Susan 24th Feb 2022 Activity Director
Hi Erin
Thank you so much for providing that information
Susan 17th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hey Rosita
That sounds like you have a great group of residents and that you are a great leader
Thank you for all you do
Rosita 17th Jan 2022 Activities Assistant
There are so many activities available with outcomes that please the residents in my care.
They look forward to what each day will bring with anticipation and expectation and are never disappointed. Thank you so much.