Antique Roadshow Presentation & Game

Antique Roadshow Presentation & Game

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This slideshow includes a fun game where residents are asked to bid on an antique and nearest to the true price gets a point!

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Simonne 13th Oct 2022 Services Coordinator
Answers to print off are attached here :-)
Talita 14th Oct 2022
Thank you Simonne! This has been added to the activity downloads.
DT 7th Oct 2022 National Diversional Therapist
Can I ask about Part 2 of the game please? The price label is on the picture when I looked at the Powerpoint. Is it possible to remove this so people can guess the price as per the instructions (and put the price in an answer sheet at the end, along with answers for the presenters and close up pictures?), Otherwise great quiz thank you!
Talita 8th Oct 2022
If you use the slideshow format option in PowerPoint then the prices do not show straight away so people can guess first. Hope this helps!
DT 17th Oct 2022 National Diversional Therapist
Thank you Talita!
Sarah 11th Mar 2022 Activities Coordinator
Thank you so much for this activity. Our residents absolutely loved it and it led on to looking at some actual items and talking about value as a concept and what is most precious to us in life.
Stephanie 18th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Are there answers somewhere for the "up close" photos?
Susan 15th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Hi John
This is very nice
Thank you so much for sharing